Passionate about wood

We are driven by a single ambition: to create unique luxury wood environments by finding, carefully sourcing and milling the world’s best Wood.


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Why is our wood special?


Our wood is special since the first moment. We select the best trees that will guarantee us a product of high quality. We handpick a selection of large, old growth trees which have a beautifully uniform growth structure that allows us to create the XL wide-plank sizes that makes the spaces feel spacious and elegant.

Our wood is milled in a traditional way using eco-friendly varnishes that give a natural final glow and protects the element making it even more resistant and long-lasting. 

Spectacular sizes

Extra long and extra wide planks, selected from the finest parts of old-growth trees


Brin ging Art to Life

These sublime inlaid panels will give you and idea of how contemporany the traditional craft of inlaying can be, and a taste of just how far you could go with Allwoodfloorings Bespoke.

How is our craft process of production?


It all starts with the source. We only work with mature trees that are at the end of their growth and that come from sustainable forestry. Using only the best trees is essential

Once it arrives to our factory in Spain, one of the biggest in Europe, it is treated in the best way and gets all the quality certifications of the European market. To become a final product, we listen to the requirements of the customer and create exactly what they want.

Relevant finishes

Contemporary patinas that reflect the latest trends in design enhance the pure natural structure of the wood.

A three-dimensional experience

Floors, walls, ceilings and stairs, we ensure your interior becomes a seamless spatial affair.

Bespoke options

From personally picking your wood and pattern to unique finishing options.

Imagine your space

Imagine your environment

Imagine your floor


Wood is a noble material, full of life that does not cease to surprise us, we constantly learn from it, we love it and respect it day a day. As a result of this combination we introduce three collections of top of the line engineered European floors, redefining the concept of elegance and style in the most natural way possible.

In Allwoodfloorings we take care of every detail, through its collections we develop a new style were the main element of the interior design is the floor you stand on.
Our creations merge with the lifestyle and the person that experience the pleasure of choosing the European floors designed by Allwoodfloorings.

We care about the environment

A tree only grows 1cm per year, and every tree needs and average of 180 years to reach its adulthood, this process takes entire generations that get to see it grow.
Those who choose Rivafloors wood flooring are making history, by allowing other people to experience the sensation of enjoying an element that’s full of life, right under their feet, a floor that will be legendary with time, where each grain tells us a story, conforming a unique piece of art that becomes part of our lifes. Because we love wood as a part of us that is alive, Rivafloors respects the environment on each step of their production and are certified with the strictest environmental standards.

The quality of our products depends on great measure on the optimization of forestall resources that we have in our reach. Raw material is chosen and selected directly from the forest by forestall expercts.
Rivafloors is firmely commited with the environment and the right, ethic and efficient management of the forests, for this reason all of our products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


A Global affair

Personal service at one of our worldwide locations.


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Opening hours

Mon: 9:00 - 14:00

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Jorge Juan 28 (Shop)

28001 Madrid (Spain)


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0034 919 072 501



Phone: 0034 919 072 501 - +0034 619 270 197

Jorge Juan 28, Commercial Local - 28001 Madrid (Spain)



Phone: +0044 7444 338676  

50 Grosvenor Hill London, W1K 3QT The Clubhouse, Mayfair. UK

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